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Use Case

Increase footfall at point-of-sale

Motivate customers to visit your stores by sending individualized and targeted push notifications, eg. based on criteria such as visit and purchase history. Reach customers locally (when close to the shop) or globally, at the right place and/or at the right time. Track and analyze customer online and offline touchpoints to measure your campaign’s effectiveness in driving store visits.
retail trend analysis
retail shopper marketing
Use Case

Enhance the omnichannel shopping experience for your customers

Remind customers at the right moment of their order, and they will likely spend more. Enhance the shopping experience and offering them the benefits of eCommerce offline.
Use Case

Connect point-of-sale and eCom

Bridge the gap between Point-of-Sale and eCommerce to turn store visits into online sales. Connect your eCommerce system with the beaconsmind® Suite. Track and analyze your customers online and offline touchpoints and conversions. Gain a data-based understanding of the customer journey in your online and offline marketing channel.
retail shopper marketing
1 %
of shoppers visit a point-of-sale after receiving a local push notification
up to 1 %
increased re-visit rate
1 %
increase foot fall
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