beaconsmind® Suite

Shopping Insights

Gain insights into offline shopping behavior.
Shopping Insights

Find out more about your customers’ shopping behavior and product preferences.

Use these insights to optimize your location-based marketing campaigns. Shopper Insights Driven Marketing
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New vs. Returning Customers

Measure new customer acquisition and your success rate for re-visits (returning customers).

Shopping Trends

Understand local store trends and promote products by store based on real-time data available on demand.

Top 10 Lists

Who are your top 10 customers at store X? How much revenue do your 10 bestsellers generate? Find out with our fully customizable Top 10 Lists.
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New vs. Returning Customers

The beaconsmind® suite helps you to generate new customers and measure returning customers, their purchase behavior and average basket values. Understand the value of your customers better.

100 EUR
Average Transaction Value (Returning Customers)
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shopper insight

Shopping Trends

View your bestsellers and revenues by location. Understand local store trends and promote products on a single store level based on real time data that is available on demand.

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Top Lists

Who are your top 10 customers at store X? How much revenue do your 10 bestsellers generate? Find out with our fully customizable Top 10 Lists. 

17000 EUR
Revenue generated
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Shopper Insights Driven Marketing

Marketing campaigns that are targeted at a specific location can be yielding better if you are going to prepare the promos, ads, and strategic offers, based on location-based intelligence. For this, you need to observe the shopping behavior and track the customer’s moments. Beaconmind shopper insight tool comes in handy in this regard.

To know the realistic data of the new customer inclusions and the rate at which the customers return to the shop, shopping insights analysis from Beaconmind helps largely. Increasing the returning customer numbers is easier with this location-based intelligence.

Localized shoppers’ trends are important to promote products accordingly. The real-time data presented on demand by Beaconmind solutions help business owners precisely understand shopping trends. The top ten customers in your particular customer are easy to track in that way. Knowing the top ten best-sellers becomes easier too. Target right and boost sales by sending the right location-based push notifications.

beaconsmind® Suite

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