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Integrate your mobile app and POS systems with the beaconsmind® Suite.

We help with the technical setup, provide recommendations regarding which systems to integrate and deliver quality management.
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beaconsmind® Track Bluetooth Beacon hardware and on-site installation services

Based on your business goals, we define the retail stores and in-store areas based on your company`s floorplans for Bluetooth Beacon Hardware deployment including the Hardware procurement, shipping and customs. This planning then serves as a basis for our team to configure and deploy the right amount of devices on-site. For global projects we work with local contractors, tasked with Hardware deployment and maintenance.

Content Creation

We consult with you on content for local push notifications and are happy to share best practices. In case you wish to outsource creative management, our marketing specialists are ready to create and implement campaigns.
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Data Intelligence & Reporting

iBeacon-specific data about user and shopping behavior, visits or visit times and heat maps can be tracked via the beaconsmind Suite. Dashboards and customized reporting help you make sense of your data. Our data analysts support data interpretation and create recommendations for optimizations.
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Consulting & Support

Thanks to the ongoing support by your beaconsmind® Project Manager you will get to know your customers and store visitors better. Regular data analysis and reporting provided to you will allow you to learn more about your business.
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Bluetooth Beacon Based Marketing Solutions

Quality management entails the highest efficiency requirements and the elimination of waste in the company. It is feasible via improved control of all major business operations. When you achieve reliable quality management standards through proper system integration, the risks are lower, and customer satisfaction is higher. Our beacon marketing solutions relieve you of the stress of integrating the necessary quality systems for the best quality management.

Installation on the site is done by us. Our expertise will define your retail stores and in-stores to perfection based on the company’s floor plan. This includes hardware acquisition, as well as customs and shipment. Configuring and deploying the optimal amount of worthwhile devices onsite is our proximity marketing Beacons crew’s responsibility.

Creating and implementing campaigns and discussing ideas for better content for push notifications help customers benefit from sharing the best practices. Bluetooth beacon marketing has expertise in this field.

Data intelligence and report- Customer data are more important to sort and identifying potential opportunities. Interpreting the data and offering useful recommendations for better optimization is the prime responsibility of beacon marketing solutions and data analysts. Along with all these, consulting and support is also provided by us. Project management experts at beacon marketing solutions analyze the customers better and provide you with valuable reports after collated data analysis. You grasp the nicety aspects of your business better. This transforms checkouts into revenue producers.

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