beaconsmind AG announces the signing of NOVE25, the Italian jewellery group with European-wide distribution

Zurich, Switzerland – January 11, 2022, 07:30 am CET beaconsmind (ISIN: CH0451123589 – Ticker: MLBMD), a SaaS provider in Location-Based Marketing (LBM) for retail chains announced it will implement its location-based marketing solution for NOVE25, the Italian jewellery group. NOVE25, founded in Milan in 2005, was one of the first brands to offer customised jewellery, and went on to open over 20 own brand stores across Europe.

On a mission to revolutionise the jewellery world, every single NOVE25 store reflects the brand’s philosophy of Italian craftsmanship and customisation, with the collections bringing together the creative energies of tattooists, street artists, musicians, and of course its customers. The brand’s highly personal approach will be accentuated by beaconsmind’s Suite, which will enable marketing teams to better capture customer profiles and anticipate effectively the ever-moving consumer tastes and means of expression.

At the intersection of jewellery, design, accessories, and fashion, NOVE25’s stores attract a high volume of daily customers, in sharp contrast to high luxury jewelers with few shoppers and high price tags. With a high daily flow across its stores, the company must harness the power of data to augment its profiling capabilities, and in turn boost loyalty, basket sizes and sales. The beaconsmind solution will be at the core of new interaction campaigns, using custom messaging that bring an essential digital angle and resonates highly with the younger generations of shoppers. Capturing customer ideas and feedback is also possible in the beaconsmind’s Suite, which will enable NOVE25 to design products that inspire and embellish the personalities of its growing customer base.

Mr Roberto Dibenedetto, CEO and founder of NOVE25, said “Customisation is central to our brand’s philosophy, and digital capabilities are today a must-have for our customers. Beaconsmind’s solution seamlessly brings those two aspects together. Furthermore, our stores are unique and really stand out from the crowd, and today with a high performing online channel, the next natural step was to boost our stores’ digital capabilities. Thanks to beaconsmind, we will be able to interact with our shoppers through a channel they love and merge seamlessly the best of online and offline shopping.”

For beaconsmind, this partnership represents a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of its solutions and aim to outperform results obtained so far with Anchor brands: over 50% increase in off-to-online sales conversion rates, over 40% higher frequency and purchase motivation, and over 15% boost in sales.

Max Weiland, CEO of beaconsmind AG, said “We are delighted to partner with NOVE25 on their mission to transform jewellery. NOVE25 became a success by enabling its customers to express themselves. Our teams are now returning the favour and helping NOVE25 do just that: truly express its brand identity through our digital channels”.

About NOVE25
Nove25 was founded in Milan in 2005, by Roberto & Davide, two brothers with a passion for designing jewellery with an urban spirit, working with sterling silver and putting their skills to the test. Their history is built on passion and intuition, driven by the need to create something new and showcase their creativity through sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Nove25 is the answer to a tired, boring, and closed-minded market. With over 15 years of experience, Nove25 continues to forge a unique path and help people from every social tribe express themselves. Over the years, word has spread, and now footballers, musicians and bloggers have all become advocates and ambassadors of the brand. Those who come to Nove25 have no limits or definitions, because creativity can fulfil the dreams of everyone. Fedez, Max Pezzali, Club Dogo, Marco Mengoni, Rocco Hunt and other stars from the world of music, sport, radio and TV, all wear styles by Nove25. These pieces contribute to the many that are created in the workshop in Milan, realizing a truly big dream, open to all and continually expanding and evolving.

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About beaconsmind
Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, beaconsmind is a pioneer in the field of location-based marketing (LBM) software for retail chains. beaconsmind helps retailers run successful location-based marketing campaigns. By fitting stores with Bluetooth beacons that precisely locate and identify customers, and by integrating its Software Suite, beaconsmind opens a brand-new channel for retailers to interact with their customers, fundamentally transforming the shopping experience. Thanks to its solution, retailers can converge digital and physical shopping and address the convenience gaps of each.

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