Die Zimmerei

beaconsmind group gains rapidly growing student dormitory operator as a new customer

The beaconsmind group is assisting the property manager Reos GmbH in establishing a unified digitalization strategy for the student dormitory operator “Die Zimmerei”. beaconsmind Group has developed a VPN concept with camera surveillance for all 10 locations of the company in Germany and Austria, comprising a total of over 3,000 apartments. This includes the deployment of approximately 150 cameras with innovative cloud management. “Die Zimmerei” had previously used solutions from various providers, leading to high complexity and significant time consumption in data processing. With the solutions from the beaconsmind Group, the company receives all desired managed services from a single source, resulting in a significant reduction in personnel and time expenditure. The rollout is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2024. In the medium term, beaconsmind Group plans to expand its activities into areas such as WLAN infrastructure.

This customer project generates a revenue of approximately EUR 0.5 million for beaconsmind Group.

Jonathan Sauppe, CEO of beaconsmind Group, stated, “We are pleased to be able to support another growth company in the digitalization of its business processes. In a first step, we have now developed an innovative VPN concept and intend to gradually expand the collaboration with ‘Die Zimmerei’ in the coming months. The contract signing presents attractive growth opportunities for beaconsmind Group.”


Full Success Story REOS/Die Zimmerei – English Version
Full Success Story REOS/Die Zimmerei – German Version