beacon based marketing

Beacon Based Marketing

Beacon-based marketing is currently highly well-liked as a technique to engage customers across industries, particularly in marketing and retail, because it is simply effective, simple to use, and reasonably priced. Beacons use proximity technology to detect nearby human presence as a component of indoor and outdoor positioning systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). They also use preset actions to give individualized, relevant, and educational experiences. Beacons that are hidden or small have a greater effect despite being less appealing. This guide provides all the information you need if you’re thinking about using it in your company.


How Do Beacons Operate?

Businesses are eschewing traditional advertising methods in favor of proximity marketing beacons nowadays, which they see considerably more favourably. A code with a message is sent to a user’s mobile device by the nearby beacon whenever they walk by an area where an IoT network or positioning system with a beacon is installed. Then, a user of a branded and third-party mobile app receives a notification on their mobile device with a message. To operate, the system requires the user’s consent, a mobile app, and one additional beacon device. Beacon devices, back-end management tools, and an SDK (Software Development Kit) are the typical components of beacon technology products. In order to build up your positioning system, software engineers are required.


Why are marketers interested in beacon?

Compared to GPS or Wi-Fi, beacons offer a lot more precise location information. This helps the brands gain a thorough grasp of how customers engage with and move around their stores. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is a technology that Beacon Technology uses to send messages on a regular basis. By retargeting customers on Facebook or Google, Bluetooth beacon marketing enables businesses to build stronger relationships with their clients.

A further benefit of beacon marketing is that it enables businesses to offer clients tailored discounts and promotions based on their precise location within the store. Video beacons are the first thing that comes to mind when discussing how valuable beacon technology is. The average opening rate for messages sent via beacons is 53%. Therefore, they are immediately relevant to users and have the power to influence them when it matters most—right before making a purchase.

With the help of cutting-edge disruptive solutions and data-driven insights, Beaconsmind empowers businesses and their employees. Discuss this issue and how your project or business might profit from beacon marketing solutions with one of our specialists right away.