geo location based advertising

Geo Location Based Advertising

Retailers who are more visible in the digital age get more businesses. To cover the customers in the proximal areas, geo location based advertising is useful for these retailers to be easily discoverable. Daily foot traffic is the target for this Omni channel routing strategy. So, businesses are customizing their ad content based on the weather, route, retail location, and, more importantly, customer behavioral patterns. So they can relate and create the offers and waivers that would attract these customers in particular. This encourages more visitors to the retail outlet.


Visibility of your ads is more

The interesting statistics as per the surveys show that more than 96% of the people in the nearby areas have seen these text messages that are relevant to them. While compared to other forms of promotions, this is a considerably higher percentage that might lead to better sales conversions in turn.

Customer-specific visuals

Clever designing of the ads with relevant visuals about the right offers and discounts would grab the instant attention of these targeted customers. Initially identifying the customers and segregating them into categories is essential to send the appropriate text ads.


Some interesting strategies are used in the geo location-based advertising as below.

  • Hyper Contextual Targeting – what you text and view in your browsing history is used to segregate your profile
  • Geo-Targeting. – mobile data service companies offer the real-time demographic data
  • Geo-Fencing – predefined area customers or the customers of the fixed area are targeted using virtual boundaries
  • Geo Coquetting- who is around your place at that moment? Target them.
  • Beacons- small devices are placed in the location to detect the mobile user’s moments to send instant notifications. When servers receive the signals from these detecting devices, then relevant instant mobile ads are sent in this range.

Success rates are higher for geo-location-based advertising

As a customer using data readily available on hand is an added advantage. As you are personalizing the ads, there is always something appropriate to your requirements in the form of notifying ads. It is easier for brands to target dynamic consumers precisely. You are communicating directly with the right set of predetermined audiences, which means the chances of conversions are higher.

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