in store technology

In-Store Marketing Solutions

The increasing prevalence of shoppers utilizing their mobile devices in-store has contributed to the rapid growth of the Beacon industry. To capitalize on customers’ receptivity to advertising while they are actively shopping, businesses might take advantage of this heightened purchasing intent. Discover effective in-store marketing solutions to boost sales and improve customer experience.


In-store marketing with Beacons will include the following techniques by 2023.

  • It’s simple to monitor and analyse shoppers’ movements throughout a store. A term for this type of setup is “in-store beacon technology“. Customers will be aware of future store improvements to the environment, the selection, and the management of stock. With the help of beacons, you can easily send promotional push alerts to customers’ smartphones based on their in-store behavior and interactions with your products.
  • Beacons installed within the shop can alert customers to sales and other promotions going on in-store.
  • Customers may struggle to find what they’re looking for in a large store. Thankfully, retail beacons can help lead shoppers in the right direction.
  • Customers may not always remember that stores provide a number of seasonal and ongoing promotions. Beacons placed inside stores can send push notifications to customers’ mobile devices, encouraging them to visit during peak shopping times like holidays and sales. Beacons can be placed around the store, whether it be the clothing, footwear, or jewellery departments, to draw attention to the events being conducted there.
  • Beacons can be used to revamp in-store systems for more efficient consumer interaction with less need for human intervention and physical contact.
  • Virtual and augmented reality make your products more eye-catching. Prior to making a purchase, potential buyers are able to form a mental image of the product’s practicality, its characteristics, and the lifestyle it supports.



Cost-effective and highly beneficial, beacon technology is readily available. Beacon technology installed in stores has the potential to completely alter how customers interact with products while physically present in the store. Retailers get the benefits of in-store analytics and the abundance of customer data gathered while also providing customers with a streamlined and highly personalised shopping experience.