shopper insight

Shopper Insight

One must have a firm grasp on the meaning of “shopper insight” before engaging in any discussion of the topic. These are the nuggets of information that shed light on the thought processes and behaviours of consumers who have used or are considering using your products and services. Just like any other piece of market […]
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push notification campaigns

Push Notifications Marketing – Detailed Guide

Push Notifications For Marketing Did you know that increasing your number of subscribers raises your brand’s profile in the eyes of potential customers and boosts your bottom line? Customers in the era of GDPR do not enjoy being bombarded with unsolicited emails and messages. Therefore, push notifications are a viable option because they are based […]
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data driven marketing tools

Data-Driven Marketing Tools

Customer Data Driven Marketing Tools “Benefits – Challenges” To develop a successful marketing strategy, many businesses now employ a method known as “data-driven marketing“, which involves poring over massive databases using data driven marketing tools based on information about customers’ tastes and the products they buy. Importance/Benefits You can more precisely target your consumer by […]
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latest retail technology

Latest Retail Technology

Latest Retail Technology to Watch in 2023 With the advent of contactless technology, new retail entrepreneurs are confronted with a deluge of expectations and opportunities. Payments are not the only convenience available here; a diverse range of technology may transform the retail purchasing experience into a simple, quick, and efficient procedure. Machine learning apps and […]
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geo location based advertising

Geo Location Based Advertising

Retailers who are more visible in the digital age get more businesses. To cover the customers in the proximal areas, geo location based advertising is useful for these retailers to be easily discoverable. Daily foot traffic is the target for this Omni channel routing strategy. So, businesses are customizing their ad content based on the weather, […]
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Overhead image of people buying in the large supermarket

Emerging Technologies In Retail Industry

Emerging Technologies Shaping the Future of Retail Industry Omni channel retailing Retailers are shifting from land-based conventional stores towards digital platforms to sell their items. The best example is nothing but the fashion industry. Most of the fashion industry sellers are getting digital platforms to sell both online and also offline. This has increased the […]
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